With more than 320 years of combined experience, the personnel at Ray Bros., Inc. (RBI) are aware of the problems in workmanship and quality control that the metal roofing industry has been faced with over the past three decades. Architectural sheet-metal is becoming more and more popular with designers and building owners and is showing no signs of slowing down in the future. Therefore, RBI is committed to restoring the workmanship and quality control to the metal roofing industry by training and educating installers in an attempt to resurrect the reputation of the true craftsman and the sheet-metal industry as a whole.

We are aware of the adverse weather conditions faced within the gulf coast area. RBI has implemented certain specific roof details and flashing applications that have withstood Hurricane forces, and have had many years of proven experience.

RBI is a National manufacturing company with prompt service and immediate support for project assistance, project planning, inspection services and proven solutions for many unique or difficult metal roofing and flashing conditions. Additionally, besides the different products that we offer, we have the capability of manufacturing flashing and components required for each specific project. Our sheet-metal fabrication shop has the capability of forming up to 14 gauge mild steel in lengths up to 21' -0". We also provide custom layout work such as roof curbs, louvers, dormer vents, ridge vents, commercial gutter systems, cornices, finials, chimney caps, etc.

We are also aware of all Retro-Frame and Retro Fit (EZROS) applications, having 20 years of tested installation experience. RBI engineered and patented EZEE Roof Over System is manufactured and implicated on many Reroof projects and allows the installation of a new metal roof system over an existing metal roof that is structurally and economically effective. Let us assist you with your next Architectural Sheet-metal Project, we are confident that your experience with RBI will set us apart from other manufacturers and you will see we are completely committed to providing excellent service from beginning to end. Please feel free to contact our staff with your architectural sheet-metal needs.

 Gino Ray, Sr., President