Ray Bros., Inc. Framing
Ray Bros. Inc. manufactures a variety of structural framing components (see below) in 14-16 Ga. galvanized steel in lengths up to 40' that can be used for your next framing project. We can also Custom fabricate framing profiles in 14-16 Ga. galvanized steel in lengths up to 21'. Let Ray Bros. Inc. assist you with your next Retro- Frame (flat roof to sloped) or Retro-Fit (Metal over Metal existing slope) with our per project engineered framing systems. EZROS (E-Zee Roof Over System) patent design will help you save time and money on your next Retro-Fit Project. With a combined experience of over 100 yrs in retro-frame and retro-fit technology in the gulf south, our systems have withstood the elements and are a preferred design with many architectural firms.

16 GA Galvanized 4" and 6" C and Z Purlins & 8" Z Purlins

  • Framing members can be used for commercial and residential metal framing projects.
  • Retro-fit flat roofs
  • Fabricated in custom length to fit your requirements.
  • Custom fabrication sizes are available in
  • lengths up to 20'-0".
  • Pre engineered retro-fit framing systems
  • available upon request.
  • 14 GA available upon request.
  • Red Oxide available upon request.


Framing Schematic

Download the PDF of this RBI Framing Profile


Before RBI Framing Photo

During RBI Framing Photo

After RBI Framing Photo


Structural Agricultural Architecural Framing Custom Fabrications
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