RBI Low Profile AGG Agricultural Metal Roofing

Durability and low maintenance requirements make metal roofs perfect for demanding rural applications on agricultural buildings. Ray Bros., Inc. offers a range of roofing products that can be used on every design. Products such as the 5V- crimp panel are also being increasingly used as accent design. r.

3/4” Tall Ribbed Panel

  • Available 26 GA bare galvalume finish.
  • Pre-finished / painted finish. Available upon request.
  • Simple installation for inexperienced installers.
  • Flashing, accessories and custom fabrication available. Recommended for use on solid substrate or slopes 2:12 or greater.
  • Net coverage approximate 36”.
  • Ideal for barn or storage shed use.
  • Job site delivery available.
  • Can be used on roof and wall applications.


AGG Low Profile Schematic



Structural Agricultural Architecural Framing Custom Fabrications
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